Reactjs — Features and Its Benefits In Web Applications 2021

Introduction to Reactjs:
React js is one of the major trending technology to built best web application UI with simple javascript code which make the web application to work faster, in order to provide user the greater experience while using application. A well known truth about this reactjs is founded by leading tech giant of IT industry Facebook who first developed their application using react js and react native for mobile application and it becomes available as open source javascript to build attractive UI by segregating multiple components into single component. Many IT organizations involve their team of experts in exploring, upgrading skills by developing some react applications, but all these are already experimented by some of the Best Web Development Companies and now they become one of the react experts in tech world. For many of you guys, questions rising on your mind why so much of users showing their interest towards reactjs whether it’s for their business or privately purpose applications. Yeah millions of prospects choose reactjs the one to cover and attract their customers with stunning UI components when stepping into the applications at first visit. On the other side, developer also works in very cool mode and not much complicated in developing, debugging any issues on components comparatively with other web technologies.

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Reactjs development



· Virtual DOM

· One way data binding

· Performance

· Components

Javascript syntax used to write code of react in very easy way to understand and debug issues by developers. JSX also acts as xml for javascript to include HTML code into javascript libraries by using syntax and also some people defines JSX as Javascript with extension of syntax.

Virtual DOM:
This is very familiar among react developers about Virtual DOM which used for creating document object models virtually instead of original to update the objects in react. If we make changes to particular part of the DOM, it will reflect the updates on whole so no need to work on whole bunch of DOM.

One way data flow:
One way data flow in react helps technical experts to debug the code within only single part if they meet with any issues or bugs. Like if have situation to update any child component which are embedded within parent components, then just send data from parent to child and fix it in child component, no need to send back the data to parent component again. It really speeds up the bug fixing process for developers to quickly sort out the problem and fix it in a faster mode.

Now realized the reason behind why so much people addicted or dedicated towards work on react front-end framework instead of using others, because it facilitate team of developers to work on whole project by splitting up the components to increase productivity. On other technical side they have to write code into virtual components and turning them into DOM so it results in faster performance.

Components are major part in react web and mobile application development since it makes development process so easy for developers to built single application by separating multiple building blocks. There are two types of components in react stateless functional component and stateful class component. In react component logic is written in javascript instead of templates it easily passes the data into application.

Advantages of Reactjs:

· Easy learning: Reactjs is simple and easy to understand javascript library for developers to built application’s front-end more attractive with easy coding techniques.

· Virtual DOM rendering: React’s virtual DOM creates an updates and renders the updates to real DOM in an application without intervention of developers to do the changes.

· Stability: React allows developer to make changes in child structure without touching hands on parent structure so this is simply called unidirectional data flow since it gives stability to work on single part without affecting other objects in application.

· Reusable components: Generally reactjs is component based architecture it leverages the developers to reuse the components which are made already for other tiny parts of applications. It gives some flexibility to quickly sort out the work by using different components. This reusable concept also applies for other application development.

· SEO friendly: Due to fast page loading of applications and quick rendering time on reactjs, it secures the first ranking on Google search and found at first on play store in case if it is mobile application.

· Higher productivity: It avails the developer to modify any changes in components on specific component without affecting others by reusable features and virtual DOM take cares everything. No more developer could take many workarounds to fix small bugs in applications so it increases the productivity.

· Collection of toolsets: React js libraries come along with different kind of toolset for developers to deploy engaging applications they are react developer tool and redux developer tools.

List of applications built using React/Reactjs:

· Facebook

· Instagram

· Whatsapp

· Netflix

· Airbnb

· PayPal

· Dropbox

· Atlassian

· Reddit

· Asana

· Zendesk

· Salesforce

· Cloudflare

· Skype — Mobile app

There are many famous applications also built using react/reactjs but here I listed only few.

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