Top 10+ Best Magento2 Extensions — Most Recommended All Time

Magento is an open source PHP platform which allows you to open Best Online Marketplace in scalable, stable and secured range along with some other default features and essential online payment gateways as integrated like PayPal and Braintree come up as default in Magento2 online store. Everything will be fine after you launching ecommerce in magento2, however systemically it would not complete without integrating some other Custom Extensions on magento2 framework so that here with in this article you could find the Top 10 Best Magento2 Extensions. Many ecommerce store owners regularly updated their selves or else upgrade their Magento2 online store by adding some attractive, user-friendly Best Magento2 Modules in order to improve their sales growth rates by receiving valuable ecommerce customers. Also I am sure about after integrating these Top Notch Magento2 Extensions easily attracting your online buyers whenever they would arriving on your online shop. There are several Magento2 extensions are also available out in Google by default for new Magento2 online store which are usual stuffs for online Magento2 store like for example Magento One Step Checkout, Out of stock notifications, In-store Pickup and so on. But here all are new arrivals to optimize or enhance your Magento2 system with this seductive on-demand Custom Functionality Extensions. I hope this article would be very helpful for those who are extremely passionate to inaugurate the Great Online Store Development over Magento2 PHP platform.

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Top Magento2 Extensions

Here you find below:

· Special Promotions Extension

· Pre Order Extension

· Quick Order Extension

· Product Label Extension

· Customer Attribute Extension

· Shipping Restriction Extension

· Part Finder Extension

· Payment Restriction Extension

· Free Shipping bar Extension

· Mega Menu Extension

· Cash On Delivery Extension

1. Special Promotion Extension:
Are you the one hectic to promote your products in Magento2 Marketplace? Here is the one highly recommended by Top Magento2 Experts. This On-demand Special Promotion Extension allows you to boost up your sales with attractive promotions in terms of special offers, discounts to the online buyers. It enables the store admin to enhance their cart price rule by creating many promotions with promo codes dedicated to buyers from admin backend of Magento2 store.

Key Features:

· Easy backend settings for configurations.

· Flexible to enable/disable the module at anytime.

· Add 14 extra promotion rules for products.

· Offering discounts on cheapest and expensive items.

· Avail promotions based on spend amount.

· Limit maximum discount amount for each rule

2. Pre Order Extension:
In every business Customer retention and retaining are must needful to grow up your Marketplace among competitors so here in Magento Online Store or in any ecommerce stores most of the buyers disappointed very much whenever they see out-of-stock text on unavailable items. No worries after this you will never ever disappoint the customers since Pre Order Extension enable you to retain the customers instantly by showing “Pre-order” text instead of traditional “Out-of-stock”. On the other end online shoppers won’t fall down their faces for unavailable they just click the “pre order” button to booking the items as in advance.


· Pre order supports for both simple and configurable items.

· Add custom pre order button for each product

· Specify any pre order notes or text messages shown in product page.

· Pre order supports at shopping cart and checkout pages etc.

· Easy to manage extension from backend of store.

· Pre order warning message will shown on customer account page.

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Best Pre Order Extension Magento2

3. Quick Order Extension:
If you’re running the wholesale Magento2 Shopping Cart then it will surely perfect for you to convert the abandoned cart into real time sale since Quick Order Extension support your customers to easily complete the order within simple 3 clicks on your Magento2 store. This quick order module only built in the view of customers to reduce the shopping cart time on wholesale purchases along with accuracy and efficiency in bulk orders. It enables the customers to easily pick their items and buy it right away without more time consumptions would take place.


· Enable quick order for specific group of buyers.

· Change the quick order label as custom.

· Restrict product search results.

· Change background color, text color and button.

· Set minimum characters for start search.

· Product search at instant search box.

· Easily eliminates the cart abandonment.

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Top Magento2 Quick Order Extension

4. Product Label Extension:
Another great built on Magento2 platform for Top Notch Magento2 Store to enhances your online shop with trendy labels on products in category and product pages respectively. This Product Label Extension is a hot and eye catching extension to promote your featured items on your store with different colorful labels, texts and colors as customizable one. It actually helps store owners to promote their upcoming items by using various labels such as New arrivals, Best selling, hot sales etc whatever you want. On the other side buyer also could easily fiind their items and purchase it right away by viewing the labeled items.


· Easy to manage from backend by store owner.

· Simple and easy to customize the labels.

· Advanced CSS/settings are used for labels attractiveness.

· Set time and date to display the labels.

· Set a stock and price ranges to display labels.

· Use labels for out-of-stock products too.

5. Customer Attribute Extension:
Another Boon of Magento2 store to optimize your Online shop with customer attributes field which would be helpful to gather the customer’s information during their registration or Signup process. Customer Attributes Extension mainly implement for the purpose of creating different kind of attribute field types like Text field, text area, date and time, multi select, yes or no and dropdown. This extension allows the store admin to set the attributes for registration page, edit account and checkout pages and also store admin can able to easily manage this module from backend of store.

Main Features:

· Easy to manage the input validation rules.

· Different types of customer attributes to create.

· Allows store admin to assign default values.

· Store also can make required fields on customer registration.

· Apply sorting order to customer input fields.

· Easy to customize the custom field from admin panel.

· Enable or disable the attributes on customer grid.

6. Shipping Restriction Extension:
Sometimes store owners must need to focus on business tightening effect since it increases store productivity gradually with some kind of restriction on usage of features such shipping restrictions, payment restrictions etc. Shipping Restriction Extension really helps the Magento2 store owners to restrict the shipping methods based on various product attributes, store views, customer groups, specific day and time, coupon codes and cart rules, etc. This module support and compatible with all shipping methods and it unbelievingly improves store’s productivity in much better ways. From backend of store admin can take full control over this extensions with appropriate settings and options.

Key Features:

· Simple and easy to customize the module.

· Flexible rules to restrict the shipping methods.

· Admin restrict shipping based of store views & configuration.

· Set restriction for cart items, Items SKY and attributes.

· Easy backend options to manage.

· Display error message when the shipping method is unavailable.

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Best Shipping Restriction Extension

7. Part Finder Extension:
If you’re running auto car parts and accessories store on Magento2 Platform then its only dedicated for you to manage the bulk number of accessories items on your store and on the other side it will helps the customers to easily retrieve the exact product which they required by using Make-Model-Variant-Year type. Once online shoppers chosen the data in Make-Model-Variant-Year in the respective dropdowns it will filters and fetch the exact items which are found in your store and enables easy way to purchase the items directly by buyers. Part Finder Extension as we can simply says it as advanced finder option to fetch the items clearly in Magento2 Marketplace.

Key Benefits:

· Display part finder on any places of store.

· No need to import values for finders separately.

· Allow to customize the display filters.

· Easy configuration of attributes at backend.

· Search products with known options.

Import catalog products with configurable attributes.

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Best Part Finder Module Magento2

8. Payment Restriction Extension:
Another business trick to raise up your sales growth rate on your Best Magento2 Store by restricting the payment methods to purchase items by means of different variables such as cart attributes, shopping cart rules, shipping methods and coupon codes etc. This Payment Restriction Extension offers compatibility for restricting any payment methods on your Magento store and also improves the efficiency then take full authorized by admin to manage this module on backend settings easily.

Key Features:

· Create flexible payment rules for restrictions.

· Restrict the payment methods for store view & customer groups.

· It supports to restriction based on cart attributes too.

· Set payment limitations depend on shipping information.

· Allow store owner to make restrict payment for coupon codes.

· Set payment restrictions for specific date and time.

9. Free Shipping Bar Extension:
This is an advanced Best Magento2 Extension to offer the customers easily understand the free shipping option are available for specified items which are based on their cart item totals. Free Shipping Bar Extension also allows the store owners to customize the Free shipping Labels as of their own taste and to use the label that custom labels on any of the pages on their marketplace wherever they want. It only takes little amount of time to set up this module and configure it right away by consuming little amount of space in your ecommerce store and also calculates a product’s price automatically to get free shipping option by customers on front end.


· Easy backend settings to enable or disable module.

· Appropriate messages will be shown for exact cart total.

· Avail free shipping bar for specified date range to buyers.

· Set a goal to get the free shipping for online shoppers.

· Choose all pages or specific pages to display the free shipping.

· Customize the bar opacity, background, text color, font and font size.

· Include or exclude pages to display free shipping bar.

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Top Free Shipping Bar extension

10. Mega Menu Extension:
This is another way to optimize your Magento2 Online Shop with stunning Mega Menu Extension which enables you to set eye catching menus for your customers on front end. The purpose of Mega Menu is to set dynamic navigation experience provide for your online shoppers to easily navigate to right page and then proceed to purchase items on their way through the shop so it really reduces the shopping time for your buyers with easy menu navigation system. Shop owners get full authorization to customize the three sub levels of menu to provide easy navigation for customer end without even little bit of technical knowledge.

Advanced Features:

· Easy backend management of module.

· Simple and easy to add 3 sub level menus.

· Three types of submenus as content. Classic/category listing.

· Easy to inset or add the labels the menu as hot sale, new arrivals etc.

· Store owners customize the link via category link or any custom links.

· Importing options available to import category images.

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Best Magento2 Mega Menu Extension

11. Cash on Delivery Extension:
These kinds of extensions are always on-demand for store owners to catch the new prospects by providing flexible payment method for customers to purchase the items online and make the payment via offline as COD. It allows the buyers to receive the items and pay the price as in Cash mode when they receiving their ordered products at door step. Cash on Delivery Extension also allows store admin to restrict COD payment type for specific zip codes and shipping by configuring through backend settings.


· Set extra fee on Cash on delivery payment.

· Easy to customize the extra fee label on checkout page.

· Validates customer’s info for COD either at billing or shipping address.

· Easily find availability of COD with appropriate notification messages.

· It supports to set extra fee in terms of percentages or fixed amount.

· Simple and easy to manage by using backend configurations.

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