Top 10 delivery date and time extensions in magento2

Why delivery date and time extension is essential?
Even though in this pandemic lockdown around the globe many online store owners strive very hardly to level up the business engagements regularly by pitching with customers introducing more offers, discounts and delivering the items at door steps in rapid manner. At the end of this blog you will find some of the Top Magento2 delivery date and time extension which allow you to enable the delivery date and time option in your Magento2 marketplace by customers entering their postcodes and other details for delivering the purchased products offline at their address globally and also it really helps the buyers to schedule their delivery date and time within your online Magento store internally while they creating the order since this is reason behind many magento2 online sellers enhancing their store by offering affordable prices included of either by without delivery charges or with delivery charges. There are vast numbers of Magento development agencies availing for Magento stores owners to buy extensions or plugins to achieving their custom functionality but need to end up their exploration at some point with Best Magento2 development firm. I hope this blog will be more helpful to those store owners to pick the right choice of Delivery date and time extensions in magento2 by reading on the whole.

Top Magento2 extensions

Here you go with best:

· Bootsgrid

· Mageplaza

· Amasty

· Magecomp

· Magedelight

· Plumrocket

· Mageants

· Webkul

· BSS commerce

App jetty

1. Bootsgrid — delivery date and time extension:
Bootsgrid’s Magento2 delivery date and time extension enable the online store buyers to schedule their preferred delivery date and time to receive items at the door step. By using this extension your Magento2 store will become an advanced one in order to simplify the order management for both buyers and sellers. This will make your checkout page awesome with the delivery date and time scheduling option and also allows them to add comments or instructions to store admin during checkout.


· Simply manage the delivery date and time from backend

· Easy to enable or disable the comments and delivery time by admin.

· Select multiple days off and dates off from admin panel.

· Easy to configure the module from admin section.

· Delivery date will be shown in sales order grid.

· Delivery date/time and comments are only optional for buyers.

· Customer can’t choose the previous dates from front end.

Magento2 delivery date and time

2. Mageplaza:
Nothing is different from previous delivery date and time extension since almost features are available in both magento2 delivery date and time extension. This delivery date and time plugin will allow the buyers to set their convenient date and time for receiving the ordered items offline before shipping and delivery during checkout with products in cart. This will make your Magento2 marketplace the user-friendly interface for all buyers to proceed for easy deliveries.


· Smart calendar features

· Days/dates off option in admin

· Delivery comments section during checkout

· Managing multi date formats and time frame.

· Support rest API and graphql.

Magento2 delivery time

3. Amasty — delivery date and time extension:
Amasty’s Magemto2 delivery date and time module also allows the buyers to their appropriate date and time for delivery of items and also it enable them to write any comments or messages for store owners to easily delivering the items without any misleading information during the time of delivery. On the other hand store owners to set the minimal and maximum delivery intervals and store admin can customize the delivery data from backend to make visible in front end.


· Set preferred delivery dates and time on checkout.

· Flexible delivery schedule configuration.

· Create flexible time ranges for deliveries.

· Improve usability

· Reduce abandoned score

Delivery date and time extension

4. Magecomp:
Magecomp offering the Magento2 store owners the Magento2 delivery date extension with that store owners only able to manage the delivery dates included of delivery messages or instructions which are given by online buyers while they are in checkout page as same similar to the previous extensions. Magento2 store admin can also able to exclude same days of the week and they can set minimal interval of delivery from order date to delivery date.


· Use date picker only or date with time from backend.

· Option to set same day of delivery.

· Set minimal interval of days for delivery.

· Backend settings for enabling comment boxes.

· Add dynamic holiday dates from admin panel.

Magento2 delivery date module

5. Magedelight:
Magedelight’s delivery date and time extension on Magento2 platform facilitates your online buyers to schedule the delivery date and time as per their convenience using smart calendar option during checkout with items in cart. On the other side merchant too manage and easily configure the holidays and time slot for it in case of any vacation period or festival seasons.


· Convenient date and time slot option available.

· Edit option to change date after order placed.

· Special comment section to write messages to merchant.

· Set special price for specific time slot.

· Include delivery data ine-mails and pdf.

Magento delivery date and time

6. Plumrocket:
Plumrocket offering you the delight estimated Magento2 delivery date module allows online store owners in Magento2 platform to make visible the Estimated date and time of delivery on any of the pages in your Best Magento2 marketplace such as product page, Shopping cart page or transactional page. Estimated delivery date extension shows an delivery date and time for delivery during their shopping.


· Flexible options to display delivery date and time.

· Enable delivery cut-offs and set off for weekends or holidays.

· Products and categories based specific delivery dates.

· Show delivery dates on shopping cart or product pages.

7. Mageants:
Mageants Magento2 delivery date extension make your Magento2 online store unique with delivery date and time scheduler which enable the buyer to choose their own convenient date and time for shipping of items by store admin with the comment box to leave any instructions or messages related to delivery and shipping address information.


· Buyers choose their own date and time.

· Disable or exclude the weekends or holidays from backend.

· Customize the delivery time intervals by store admin.

· Manage delivery time slots easily from admin panel.

· Delivery information will be display in multiple places.

Magento2 extension delivery date and time

8. Webkul delivery date and time extension:
Webkul’s Delivery date and time extension supports for Magento2 marketplace allows the store admin to set preferable multiple time slots for each day of week to be avail for all buyers to select their delivery date and time as of their convenience during purchase. Admin set maximum order quota better time management with in this module from backend of store.


· Admin set available days for delivery of ordered items.

· Display error message when no delivery slot is available.

· Create and edit multiple slots for each day of week by admin.

· Delivery instructions will be shown in sales order and e-mail.

· Set minimum order time required for order processing.

Delivery date and time module

9. BSS Commerce:
BSS Commerce offering the Magento2 delivery date and time extension which well suitable for online buyers to select their exact date and time of delivery at checkout page with delivery information will be helpful for store admin to ship the ordered items. On the other end admin will handle all the orders with the appropriate delivery date and time from backend of Magento online Marketplace.


· Define the delivery time intervals.

· Eliminate the specific date/time of days from admin.

· Set processing time, cut-off time for order shipment.

· Shipping address, shipping method & review with payment.

· Delivery info will be available in multiple places.

Order delivery date extension

10. Appjetty:
Appjetty is one of the Magento2 development firm which provides custom functionality extensions for all your Magento needs. They also offering this Magento2 delivery date scheduler extension which really helpful for customers to decide their comfort delivery date and time during checkout.


· Enable customers to choose the delivery date and time.

· Display scheduler at product and checkout pages.

· Set intervals between the order and delivery dates.

· Same day delivery with custom charges and cut-off time.

· Keep a track of delivery orders.

Magento delivery date

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