Top Airbnb Vacation Rental Scripts

What is Vacation Rentals?
Vacation Rentals is a term that denotes renting the accommodation to other third party for short or long term of period it would be in many types, such home rentals, furnished apartments, Hotel rentals in some of the big metro cities around the globe. Now in this modern era every business trending day-day by digital transformation from the native traditional concepts as before 90s just sitting and waiting for guest to visit the rental property and book the space or they were simply ignored. Top Airbnb Vacation Rental Scripts available online to integrate the vacation rental business with a integration process by getting your own domain online from reputed hosting service providers to launch the Largest Hotel Booking Website. When you hit Google to find the Best Vacation Rentals Clone Script it will fetch the results in ton numbers but not sure every script provides the support in your business and how you know it will surely elevate the Rental Booking business to the ultra level so that even though tons of PHP Clone Scripts availed online it is hard to drag the best suitable solution among the massive collection of Airbnb script. On my searching experience most of the PHP Development Firm built the Top Notch Hotel Booking Script only on Laravel frameworks but beyond it some Airbnb rentals solution scripts available in other frameworks too such as Magento, Drupal etc. Here I get some lists of Airbnb Clone Script which are highly On-demand solutions to build your own vacation rentals online along with advanced features.

Best Vacation Rentals Script
Best Vacation Rentals Script
Top Airbnb Clone Script

1. Flyout — PHP Codeigniter framework
Flyout is a web based PHP clone script which are specially encrypted source code offering the Best PHP Clone Script to level up your engagements through digital platform. First you should know Flyout was developed on very rare PHP framework Codeigniter which strongly assures the great level of security to avoid any hackings from anonymous location points. This Codeigniter Vacation Rentals Script also offers endless of advanced features to seduce your prospects. Here I only listed few features which are highly recommended for every online vacation rentals business.

Awesome Features:

· Social media Login or registration

· Multi lingual & currency supported

· Super admin & sub admin concept

· List unlimited number of hotels, rooms etc

· Allows endless of hosts & guests

· Advanced search & filter options

· Capture lists with exact location

· Google map integration

· Smart calendar enabled

· Instant booking

· Multiple online payment gateways

· Quick view of hotels and rooms

· Easy to manage listings and bookings

· Nexmo supported for mobile connectivity

· Social referrals & earnings

· Store wishlist of hotels

· Commission fee management

· Add multiple amenities

· Smart gallery sections (images & videos supported)

· Coupon codes and discounts

· Refunds and cancellation policies

· SEO friendly script

Top Airbnb Clone Script
Top Airbnb Clone Script
Top Vacation Rentals Script

2. Rentalslew — Laravel Vacation Rental script:
Rentalslew is another great built dedicated for Top Notch Vacation Rentals business since it offers endless customization option in flexible way for developing any rental services platform such as Property rentals, Car rentals, Boat Rentals and Yacht Rentals etc. This is really an eye catching solution for those who are passionate about own rentals business online along extreme advanced and smart features in all three different technologies as Web application, iOS and android for mobile apps.

Here you go:

· Multiple payment methods

· Advanced search and filter options

· Guest reservations & bookings

· Advance bookings

· Brand new listings page

· Chat between host & Guest

· Refunds & cancellation

· Social sharing of listing

· Ratings & Reviews

· Currency converter

3. Apphitect — Magento Airbnb Rental Script:
Apphitect is one of UAE’s Best Web development Company along with mobile app solution for many core businesses through latest technologies. Apphitect offers the Custom Airbnb Vacation Rentals Script fully developed in Magento Framework on Community edition and also this kind of script available on Top Magento Platform is very rarely available one for launching own Vacation Rentals business in scalable, secure and flexible to unlock on-demand Custom functionalities. Here I have found several features which are built within the script below.

Key Features:

· Video upload option for renting space.

· One step checkout

· Adaptive payment methods

· User convenient search

· Social logins supported

· Recurring payment

· Hourly rental & Bookings

· Easy to customize

Top Airbnb Rental Booking Script
Top Airbnb Rental Booking Script
Best Rental Booking Script

4. TopBnb — Magento2 Booking Script:
Magentop is Top Magento2 Extensions provider with great team of experts who are deployed in building Custom Magento2 Marketplace solution for huge ecommerce business owners. Magetop presents their unique and simple Top Airbnb Booking Script for Booking or rentals business to kick start it right away with Custom features are come up by default over Magento2 framework. Here they are offering few in-built features on Magento2 within this solution script follow as below.


· Advanced search and filters.

· Set special prices for booking and rentals.

· Booking the rentals on hourly basis too.

· Review and booking management

· Social sharing of space.

· Multiple currency & language supported

· Multiple amenities availed to list

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