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Why Use Mega Menu Extension in Magento2?
In this hard time of business every business owner would like to adapt with new era by modernizing their business by means of latest tools and techniques so it really encourages online store owners or traditional business people to attract the new customers and audience suddenly retaining them with amazing discounts and promo codes etc. Here in Magento2 Marketplace there are tons of functionalities which are advanced to improve your stores along with high level of security. From vast number of modules Top Magento2 Mega Menu Extensions are the one to make your store eye catching with exclusive large set menus which provides endless support for users easily navigate into right page in order to continue move on for items page and let do them check out. Magento2 is a highly preferred open source platform for great opening of online stores with your custom design and functionality along with default and must needed Magento2 Extensions for every Magento2 online stores at the beginning stage of ecommerce domain. Here with in this blog I picked some of the Best Magento2 Development Firm those who are offering High quality Magento2 Mega menu extensions and I hope you will get clarify on picking the best magento2 development company for ecommerce enhancements.

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Top Magento2 Extensions Provider

Here you go:

· Bootsgrid

· Amasty

· Mageplaza

· Magedelight

· Magezon

· Weltpixel

· Magetop

· Magenest

· BSS commerce

· Land of coder

1.Bootsgrid — Mega Menu Extension:
For hassle free of shopping experience and easy navigation from one end to other end Mega Menu Extension is only best method to show visible sets of menu for buyers to easily land on page whatever they want in fraction of minutes once they arrived in your marketplace. It also provides easy shopping experience for users without any technical issues and on the other end right opportunity for online store admin to customer retention which allows regular visitors or shoppers to make another visit to shop and purchase the items smoothly.


· Navigate to 3 sub-level menus.

· Easy to manage from backend.

· Contents, classic/category listings of sub level menus.

· Insert labels to highlight the mega menu with different texts.

· Customize the link by any custom link or category links.

· Importing category image for each menu to show on front end.

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Top Mega Menu Extension

2. Amasty — Mega Menu extension:
Amasty is Top Magento Development Firm who providing greatest solutions which are highly suggested for all Magento stores by way of extensions to each functionalities in your website. They are offering one of the divine function of Magento store is Mega Menu Module to facilitate the buyers easily access and navigate to right pages with ease in navigation through attractive sub menus in all pages and also merchant can create and manage mega menus of their own from backend without any technical skills.


· Offers easy and fast navigation experience.

· Different layouts for menu display.

· Hamburger menu for category free menu.

· Labels will decorate your shop more.

· Supports for cms blocks, images, links etc.

· Fully mobile responsive menus.

3. Mageplaza — Mega Menu Extension:
Mageplaza’s Mega Menu Extension offers buyers more time frequent level of time to surfing your shop and navigate every page with high speed to explore the things but in very attractive menus for locating right page. Mega menu provides best user experience for online shoppers while they arriving on store by means of disabling any information related to products such as Products, images, categories when your web pages are still in speed condition. Here below you check out features.


· Flexible for horizontal and vertical menus.

· Attractive menus with eye catching effects.

· It supports to improve site speed.

· Helps for dynamic product listing category.

· Fully responsive for all devices.

· Easy to customize the style content.

· Export the menu list as CSV/XML files.

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Integrate Magento2 Extensions

4. Magedelight — Mega Menu Module:
Magedelight is one of the Best Magento2 Development organization around globe in recommending suitable extensions followed to achieve the right functions which online store merchants are required. They released one yet for easy and dynamic way of navigating menus by online buyers when they arrive on store so Mega Menu Extension offers flexible way to navigate to web pages easily and dynamically along with option to add any links to menus by store owners from backend even without technical knowledge. By integrating Mega Menu on their shop, then can able to create sticky menu, easy drag and drop options to setting up of menu items.


· Hamburger menu design for desktops.

· Create visually good appealing with animation effects.

· Easy drag and drop menu items available.

· Boost branding with images and videos on menu.

· Flexible to place mega menu anywhere in site.

· Add links, CMS blocks and URLs to menu.

· Unique design styles in horizontal and vertical.

5. Magezon — Mega Menu Extension:
Magezon is leading extension provider for all elite Magento2 Online Marketplace to built good customer engagement through simple and smart functions to achieve exact functionality which are required by store admin. Magezon built this Mega Menu Extension to facilitate the user-friendly experience for all buyers easy to navigate from one page to other page and as well as on the backend admin can able to manage the menus as very simple one by creating menu layouts and allow them to customize the menu options from backend of the store.


· Easy to create your own menu layouts.

· Highly responsive mega menus.

· Simple drag and drop options available.

· Different types of menu also available.

· Multiple elements supported in building menus.

· Fast load time and cache supported.

· Multi languages supported.

6. Weltpixel — Mega Menu Module:

Weltpixel one of the leading competitors of Magento Extension Development Firm with strong technical experts in creating lot of unique Top Magento Modules in order to provide great user experience for both magento store owners and online buyers. This Top Mega Menu Module also enabling great user friendly magento shopping experience with easy navigation options and eye catching menus, submenus in magento store and so on.


· Add and manage all separate CMS blocks.

· Manage multiple numbers of menu layouts.

· Provide custom links for all categories in menu.

· Display versions available as full width, sectioned, boxed and default.

· Configure column widths, sections, rows, font colors in any category or sub category.

· Responsive mobile menu available.

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Best Magento Development Firm

7. Magetop — Magento2 Mega Menu Extension:
Magetop is one of Best Magento Development Company with over five years of experience in building Custom Magento Functionality for upgrading your dedicated magento store by providing hassle-free purchase experience to online buyers so it leads to increasing customer engagements and high sales conversion rates. Mega Menu Module allows the store admin of Magento shop to easily create mind blowing menus and assigning categories, subcategories and so on with easy navigation option for users to interact with system in very smart way.


· Easy and simple backend settings for mega menu.

· Simple drag and drop menu builder available.

· Customized menus to show that reflect in front end.

· Fast visual menu builder.

· Highly responsive for all devices.

· Tons of styling options for improving menu views.

· Advanced Feature widgets to display in Magento store.

· Menu animations also available for store owners.

· Flexible to use for all magento themes.

· Create tabbed submenus and style it.

8. Magenest — Mega Menu Plugin Magento2:
Magenest is well experienced team of experts involved in creating attractive Best Ecommerce Solutions for all online shopping stores regardless of all platforms such as Magento, Wordpress, Woocommerce and so on. Magenest offers Mega Menu Extension to improve the customer engagements with online store admin by converting maximum number of visitors into long term sales leads. Magenest’s Mega Menu also satisfies the magento store owners with all necessary and user-friendly backend settings which are almost similar to their competitors.


· Easy drag & drop options for multi level menus or hyperlink.

· Customize menu with different background images, color and labels.

· Create menu for available categories respectively.

· Create, customize label with HTML and CSS.

· Assign label to each menu items.

· Automatically generate the labels for existing categories.

· Add background image or color for menu.

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Mega Menu Extensions

9. BSS Commerce — Magento2 Mega Menu:
BSS Commerce is one top leading Magento Solution Provider over eight years in building all are on-demand Top Magento Modules to enhance the magento stores. BSS commerce so far, developed tons of Magento extensions to assure the better user-experience while buyer heading into the magento online store. BSS Commerce’s Mega Menu Extension also provides users the easy and simple navigation of menu sections on all existing categories and sub categories includes of inserting labels for menus, customize the menu items from backend of store.


· Easy navigation of menus and 3 level sub menus.

· Three sub menu types classic, category listing and content.

· Inserting of labels as hot sale, new arrivals in menus.

· Edit or delete menu items using double clicks in backend.

· Adding custom links to categories from backend.

· Category listing option to display the sub items.

· Content blocks will display by mean of content option.

· Three levels of sub menus will display by means of classic option.

10. Land Of Coder — Mega Menu Extension:
Land of Coder is long term running Top Extension Provider for all CMS in PHP such as Magento, Wordpress, Prestashop, Opencart and so on to stabilize the web applications with great user-experience. Land of coder offers tons of Best Magento2 Extensions to improve your sales growth by receiving bulk number of orders from your online buyers but here I find one essential module made from this excellent team of LOC. Mega Menu Extension Provides simple and easy way to create multiple menus by easy drag and drop options menu builder for your Online Magento Marketplace.


· Easy drag and drop menu builder option.

· Highly responsive mobile design and optimized.

· It supports 7 submenu types in magento2.

· User experience easy navigation of menu items

· Make stylish your menu with more customization options.

· Multiple widgets supported of magento2 store from blocks, links, images etc.

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