Top 5 Magento2 Payment Gateway Extensions — Highly Recommended 2020

What is Payment Gateway?
Payment Gateway is a term refers “Receiving and sending of money from online buyers to seller account for their purchased items online” through any mode of transactions which might be credit card or debit card in a secured way. Actually Payment gateway is third party resources that are helping sellers and buyers for safe and secured transactions at both ends. They should also be responsible to ensuring the high level security on online shop for brining the online shoppers to their third party pages to proceeds for completion of order. Top Magento2 Payment Gateway Extensions here I found from my search which is very reliable and most wanted payment modules in UK since it really supports most of online store to generated surplus of revenues with the smart online payment gateways. These extensions are not only the backbone of online stores, but also for many businesses which are transformed to digital platform from traditional direct store sales method. Actually many of the online store admin get the Best Ecommerce Website but some other store owners failed in Integrating Best Online Payment Extensions on their respective ecommerce marketplace. At the end of this article every online store owner will be clear by getting clarity in choosing Best payment gateway modules among listed below for their Custom Magento2 Marketplace.

Best Payment integration modules
Best Payment integration modules
Best Payment Integrations

Top Magento2 payment modules:

· Worldpay business payment

· Worldpay online payment

· PayPal adaptive payments’

· Stripe payments

· SagePay payments

1. Worldpay Business Payment:
Worldpay Business Payment Module is UK’s one of the preferable Magento2 online payment solution integration extension by most of the ecommerce store owners since it really allows the store owners to sale the items by staying cool and relax without any worries about technical stuffs. Many new online store owners regardless of any PHP based online shop which they have launched shortly might they would get confused while they choosing Worldpay payment extensions because it is available in two various types as Business account and Online account so they should make sure before purchase any of the Worldpay payments which account they had.


· Easy to integrate and manage the module

· Protects customer’s card info securely

· Decide on payment request type (authorize or pre authorize)

· Buyers redirects to the hosted payment page.

· No PCI/DSS data is needed.

· Auto order status update after completion payment.

Magento Worldpay Business Payments
Magento Worldpay Business Payments
Worldpay Business Payment

2. Worldpay Online Payment:
Worldpay Online Payment Extension facilitates the store owner to manage all the payments and transactions within their store and also buyers could continue their shopping followed to checkout they would proceed for payments by using any of their credit cards such as visa, Master card, JCB, AE etc within your online shop without redirecting to the Worldpay payment page as like that in Worldpay Business account. It also helps the Magento2 store admin to generate more sales and enjoy the revenues a lot.


· It assures secured online payments

· Supports almost all credit cards for payments.

· Best support in generating sales revenues.

· Multi store, language and currency supported.

· Identify and remove fraudulent payments

· Store card details for future orders.

· Latest PSD2 security standards.

Top Worldpay online payment
Top Worldpay online payment
Best Magento2 WorldPay online payment

3. PayPal Adaptive Payments:
PayPal is a well known Top Online Payment Gateway for many businesses other than ecommerce domains since it really made huge great positive impacts on online business such as Online hotel booking, online shopping, Rental booking or travel booking and so on. Here I have found PayPal Adaptive Payments Extension for flexible way of receiving and transmitting the amounts received from buyers to split into different user levels (primary receiver, secondary receiver). This kind of adaptive payment solution will be best suited for the Mutivendor Marketplace which consists of vendors, admin and buyers because it allows the vendors to easily manage the admin to shopper commission transactions.


· Simple, parallel and chained payment types.

· Perfect calculation performs for all transactions.

· Instant transfer of amount to vendors (chained payments) by buyers.

· No needed of PayPal account for senders at beginning stage.

· Multivendor will receive amount simultaneously for orders.

4. Stripe payments:
Stripe is another well familiar payment gateway among every online users as like that of PayPal payment system so no deep introduction for everyone. Stripe is another smart payment method on almost all shopping cart websites since store owners integrated the Stripe Payment Module by default along with PayPal to receive bulk amounts of transaction within their online store. It allows the Magento2 online store owners to generate the partial invoicing as in both admin panel and in customer dashboard.


· Supports multi currency orders and telephone orders.

· Easy to manage all refunds on each orders.

· Highly secured payment processing

· Securely save card details even renewed new card.

· Subscription type payments supported.

· Multi language supported.

· Stripe radar will enable security.

· Flexibility in changing the subscription plans on backend.

5. Sage Pay Payment Gateway:
Sage Pay is UK’s one of the most dominant payment service provider against some other Payment methods which are usually integrated into the online store like Worldpay, 2 checkout and so on. It also allows online shoppers to proceed for secured mode of transactions via credit cards or debit cards. Sage Pay Payments would helps to receive and save the payments from customers with the help of PCI compliant data vault which are in built to store the payment information as well via checkout forms.


· PCI, DSS compliance acquired levels.

· Tokenization & secured cards availed.

· 3D secure capturing payments enabled.

· It supports for any online donation with gifts.

· Supports almost all credit cards for purchase.

· It favors for multi stores too if you have any.

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Sage Pay Payments

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