Top Magento2 Special Promotion Extensions

Special Promotion Extension:
Marketing is a powerful tool to create bulk numbers of leads to business and it generates maximum revenues with frequent engagements with global level prospects. In this section we going to see such leading generating magento2 extension for every Magento2 Online Marketplace so that it will optimize your Magento2 store and at the same time assured chances to convert the frequent visitor sales leads with exclusive various kinds of labels such as Hot sale, New arrivals and so on. I have found some of the Top Magento2 Special Promotion Extensions which gives confidence to many of the Magento2 store owners in order to boost up their sales growth rates by using attractive labels for suddenly convert many leads into business prospects. If you’re the one to enhance your online shop with the help of advanced promotional techniques by enabling smart promo codes, discounts or offers to customers while on their arrival to your shop. I hope this blog would be very helpful for you to choose one of the Best Magento2 Special Promotion Extensions online.

Best Magento2 Web Development
Best Magento2 Web Development
Top Magento2 Development

Here you find:

· Bootsgrid

· Amasty

· Mageplaza

· Mexbs

· Webkul

· Magedelight

· Cminds

· BSS commerce

· Plumrocket

· Mirasvit

1. Bootsgrid — Special Promotion Extension:
Bootsgrid’s Special Promotion Extension really supports store owners to enhance their sales with attractive special promotions which are facilitated towards customer by offering greatest discounts, offers and advanced range of promotions on Magento2 online shop. It increases the sale conversion rates by enabling ecommerce store admin to enhance cart price rules list with 16 promo actions dedicated for all buyers to purchase with the help of awesome discounts at affordable pricing.

Key Features:

· Easy store configuration and managing module from admin panel.

· It supports BOGO (Buy One Get One) offers.

· Enable to set extra 14 promo rules.

· Allowing admin to provide discounts on item’s price or discount price.

· Discounts could apply to nth item with nth discount.

· Promotion depends on spent amount.

· Limiting discount amount as per rules.

· Discounts on Most expensive and cheapest items.

Top Special Promotion Extension
Top Special Promotion Extension
Top Magento2 Special Promotion Extension

2. Amasty — Special Promotion Extension:
Amasty is one of the leading giant in Building Custom Magento2 Extensions for specially dedicated to ecommerce domain. Here Amasty providing one of the essential solutions for Magento2 Marketplace in the form of Special Promotion Module to get more customer engagements by offering exclusive discounts offers and so on. This special promotion pro provide store owners to offering great discounts with smart rules to grab the discount by customers with their customer attributes and order history etc with 20 free promotion actions from backend.


· Allow to create 20 promotion types.

· Set rule conditions by customer attributes.

· Limit promotions depends on order history.

· Restrict the specific items for promotional offers.

· Highlighting promotions with banners and labels.

Best Magento2 Extensions
Best Magento2 Extensions
Best Magento2 Extensions

3. Mageplaza — Special Promotion Module:
Mageplaza’s Promotion Extension which are almost do the same things to boosting up sales by enhancing cart price rules for customers. It allows store owners to create many discounts and promotions with attractive price ranges to elevating the sales significantly from easy magento2 backend configurations. Store admin can able to set the promotional offers by depending upon the cart price rules, order values, status and history.

Key Benefits:

· Set promotions on order values, status & history.

· Enhance cart rules grid for offering promotions.

· Display all rules for discounts separately.

· Convenient to add new promotion types up to 3.

· Set or restrict maximum number of discount for whole cart total.

· Show any hint messages for upcoming promotions.

4. Mexbs — Additional Promotions:
Mexbs offering this extension for adding more promotional offers on your Top Magento2 Marketplace by introducing BOGO concept of sales Which means Buy One Get One and it allows you as store admin to add quantities as Buy two or more items and get one or many items as free or at discounted pricing. It allows the store admin to enhance their sales with additional 26 promotion types for promoting your items on Magento2 online store.


· Show discounted price on mini cart and normal cart.

· Able to show badges and banners on several pages.

· Customer can view the cart hints for invalid coupons.

· Capable to display up sell hint messages.

· Extendable BOGO feature.

· Allow discounts on bundled products.

· Discounts on cheapest and expensive items.

5. Webkul — Special Promotion Extension:
Webkul’s Special Promotion Add-on facilitates the store owner can avail more number of promo offers or discounts in many ways to induce the customers for making more purchases in upcoming days. It also enable the store admin to create 16 promotional types on their own Magento2 Online Store and they can make enable discounts either by as fixed amount or as in percentages. This extension really helpful to increase your sales conversion rates by engaging with regular customers by getting back to your store often for placing orders.


· It offers extended BOGO concept.

· Get more sales conversion and engagements.

· Enabling discounts in both fixed amount and percentage.

· Coupons based on discounts provided to buyers.

· Offers discounts on grouped or bundled items.

Easy and simple backend configurations.

6. Magedelight — Advanced Promotion:
Magedelight is one of the Top Magento2 Development Firm with excellent team of experts involved in building Custom Magento2 Modules in order to execute exact functionality over magetno2 platform. This Advanced Promotion Extension allows Magento2 store owners to enhance their promotion techniques by enriched cart rules for customers to purchase with greatest discounts and offers which will make them to visit shop again and again to creating bulk orders at discount prices.


· Discounts applied to both cheapest and expensive items.

· Admin can create personalized and advanced promotions.

· Discounts offered at items price or special price.

· Rules availed based on customer and order attributes.

· It supports to offer discounts for related products too.

· Enable customer select one rule for discounts.

7. Cminds — Special Promotions:
Creative minds Magento2 Experts providing Better Magento2 solutions to Magento prospects by creating appropriate and convenient functionalities via Custom Magento2 Modules. They are offering Special Promotion Extension to encourage the sales growth by means of 15 promo actions and adding attractive banners for online buyers to make bulk number of orders by grabbing the discount prices on both cheapest and most expensive items on Magento store. This module also allows the store owners to provide discounts on items either by fixed amount as well as in percentages for customers.


· Create multiple promo rules on store.

· Store owner apply promo discounts on shipping cost.

· Select some specific products for discount prices.

· Add catchy banners to run the promotions on any pages.

· Rotate multi banners on the same spot if you want.

8. BSS Commerce — Promotion Bar:
BSS commerce provides always best and high quality extensions to run Magento2 online without harmful in managing every customer, orders, products and catalogs etc with simple and easy configurations which are available on backend for store owners. Here BSS commerce provides excellent Magento2 Promotion Bar Extension for store admin to creating or customizing the promotion bars for attracting online shoppers while on their arrival at store front end which would suddenly catching customer’s attention.


· Flexible to create promotion or notification bars.

· Show the bars on up to 5 pages in Magento store.

· Multiple promotion bars will be shown in slider.

· Set target customers and store views to show bar.

· Set and configure the valid date and expiry date of bar.

· Compatible for all devices.

9. Plurocket — Advanced Promotions:
Advanced Promotions Extension on Magento marketplace will be very powerful in increasing sales growth revenues and also at the same time it simplifies all of store owner’s tasks on related availing the discounts or offers via coupon code or any other systems. It also conveniently store admin could create the discount prices as in both either fixed amount or as percentages by setting up of Shopping cart price rules and catalog price rules on Magento2 Marketplace from backend. Find out below for features integrated within this extension.


· Import or export cart and catalog price rules.

· Store admin can able to view all coupon codes.

· Edit or delete cart and catalog price rules from backend.

· Smart filtering options available for cart price rules.

· View all used shopping cart rules on order pages.

· Export price rules and import into another Magento instance.

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Magento2 extension promotions

10. Mirasvit — Special Promotion and Shopping Cart Rules:
Mirasvit offering extension on Special Promotion dedicated to Magento2 Store owners who are struggling to boost up their sales and retain the customers for long term since their arrival at Magento store by providing best discounts or offers to proceed for purchase. Enabling the Special Promotion system by enhancing the shopping cart rule is not enough to elevate the sales engagements but also store owner could focus on some other new trendy ideas such as BOGO (Buy One Get One or extended cart quantities). I listed some of the features which they are offering below.


· Provides BOGO feature (Buy One Get One).

· BOGO apply in many forms.

· Discounts based on customer attributes and order history.

· Alert customer with custom messages for coupons used.

· Showing notification messages at shopping cart for discounts.

· Display discounts or offers in images, texts or banners.

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