Top Track Order Extensions in Magento2

Order Tracking In Magento2:
Order tracking system for every ecommerce marketplace is essential to stay tune your customers with regular and frequent updates about their order by showing in my order section on dashboard along with unique order Id, ordered items with exact data such as quantity, price and shipping info etc. It will enable you to sending order status to customers regard on ordered items when an order complete each single processes such as processed, packed, shipped and delivered. Many Top Magento2 Development Company come up with good idea to make Top Track Order Extensions to make this order status easier for store owners in order to changing the appropriate status whenever it moving from one stage to other stage. There are vast number of extensions available out in Google for optimizing magento store but this order status or order tracking module is one of the rare kind so here I got with few obviously same functionality which can do similar things of order status or order tracking functions from the great experts in Magento2 platform.

Custom Magento2 Extension Builder

Here you go with:

· Bootsgrid

· Amasty

· Magecomp

· Evincemage

· Xtento

· Mageants

· Weltpixel

· Plumrocket

· Land of Coder

· Meetanshi

  1. Bootsgrid — Magento2 Track Order Pro:
    Bootsgrid’s Magento2 Track Order Pro beyond tracking of order with unique order Id and e-mail address in customer’s view it also engages them to view more shipment details (courier details) with shipping label generated automatically and also printable PDF format. In other end admin can manage bulk and individual orders by changing status of each stage whenever it completes. Store admin can select the courier services from the list of service providers and generate the PDF when changing order to shipment. It allows store owners to easily manage each and every order of their own without any technical knowledge or third party API’s.
Best Tracking Order Extension Bootsgrid


· Buyer track order even when logged out.

· Backend options for selecting courier details.

· Generate label in PDF.

· Store admin can manage bulk and single orders.

· User friendly and responsive extension.

· Just enter order id and e-mail for tracking order.

· Easy to customize the button color, text and button text color.

· Order and shipment info shown in tracking order page.

· Simple and easy backend settings available.

2. Amasty — Magento2 Order Status Extension:
Amasty is one of the Best Magento Extension Provider for building complex Custom Functionality in Magento platform with great team of experts. Amasty provides this simple order status changing extension which would take care of things on order such as changing order status and simultaneously notifying the users via e-nail for each status updates. By using this module admin can able to easily prepare the documentation clearly for both store owner and customers. Easy to manage the order statuses on the order grid in admin section by store owner and frequently notify the customers.


· Easy to generate and manage order statuses.

· Simple backend settings to manage the orders for admin.

· Notifying buyers with appropriate statuses.

· Creates and manage unique e-mail templates for each order status and store views.

· Add any order notes by store owner from backend.

3. Magecomp — Magento2 Order Tracking Module:
Magecomp’s Best Magento2 Order Tracking Module allows the store owners to frequently updating the order status and get notified of customers with regular updates about order shipment via SMS. Magento2 store owner can create unlimited number of order statuses to make an order processing very easily and quick. Whenever an order completes with each stage of shipment from processing to delivery customers also get notified of statuses in their front end dashboard under order tracking.


· Easily add/edit new order status on backend.

· Enable/disable each status whether to display or not.

· Create new order statuses on unlimited count.

· Order status filtration also available in admin panel.

· Real time notification sends to customers for updating order status.

· Easy to bind each order status for order states.

4. Evincemage — Magento2 Order Tracking Extension:
Evincemage’s Order Tracking Module in Magento2 allows your frequent number of customers to easily track the order and know about their order shipment status whenever it reaches step by step and specialization of this module is customer can see their tracking details without using login, instead just they can drop their e-mail Id and Order number, this real time order tracking module functioning due to the power of AJAX concept so it fetches all real time data to the user to know the status. Within Evincemage order tracking module customer also get with data about third party shipping status by just in few clicks.


· Easy to setup, install and configure this module.

· Simple backend options available.

· Ajax powered order tracking status in real time.

· Third party shipment status also shown.

· User friendly extension with multi language support.

5. Xtento — Magento2 Order Status Extension:
Xtento is one of the Top Magento2 Solution Provider in ecommerce domain by offering Custom Magento Extensions to achieve greater functions with secured system. Xtento’s Order Status Extension allows store admin to updating the status of each order by changing from backend and notifies the customers via mail. Apart from default order management system in Magento, store owners can create multiple numbers of order statuses and let know the customers about their order status.


· Configure e-mail notification with templates.

· Create unlimited number of order statuses.

· Edit and update order statuses in bulk numbers.

· Change or modify the order status with adding comments.

· Set colored order statues for customer attraction.

· Simple and easy to manage all orders.

6. Mageants — Magento2 Shipment Tracking:
Mageants Shipment Tracking Module allows store owners to show the order shipment statuses to customers when they reaches each stage of shipment. Even without signing in to their account by customers, they can able to track their order by just entering Order id and e-mail address, then able to view appropriate status. Store admin can also have option to send the tracking portal link along with order confirmation e-mail to access the order tracking status whenever customer want to check. Simple and easy backend options are available to manage this extension and enhance the overall functioning of your ecommerce store in Magento.

Shipping tracker extension Magento2


· Tracking shipment status without loggedin by customer.

· Add/insert order tracking widgets.

· Send tracking portal link to customers with order e-mail.

· Easy to enhance the functioning of store.

· More user-friendly module.

· Simple and easy backend settings for admin.

7. Weltpixel — Magento2 Order and Shipment Tracking:
Weltpixel is one of the leading Magento2 Extension Builder for long term running organization with great team of experts involved in launching Custom Magento2 Modules to achieve exact functions for ecommerce shopping cart. Magento2 Order Tracking Module from Weltpixel works greatly for customers and as well as for store owners to regularly stay tuned up with updates about an order via SMS and in separate tracking page using 3rd party service provider. It allows customers to easily understand the status about their order by SMS when it reaches each level on shipment.


· SMS notifications will be received by customers.

· Easy to access and understand to know the status.

· Simple and easy admin backend settings.

· Separate order tracking page for self tracking.

· Track multi items by splitting shipments.

· Add delivery instructions in specific field.

· Omnichannel order tracking available.

8. Plumrocket — Magento2 Order Status & Shipping Tracking Extension:
Plumrocket’s Order Status Tracking Module enable store owners to processing of orders in terms of changing shipment status with the help of third party shipping firms such as Fedex, USPS, Ups and so on. The front end users of magento, customer can also able to track their order status by just entering order Id or number, e-mail Id and Phone number to know shipment info and on admin end they can also updating the order or shipping status by entering shipment tracking codes, then it will notifies buyer with updated status while they tracking.

Order status & shipment tracking


· Supports for both guest and registered customers.

· Easy to access this extension by customers.

· Supported with third party shipping API’s.

· Simple and easy to manage this extension on backend.

· Just enter shipment tracking codes while updating statuses.

9. Land Of Coder — Magento2 Order Tracking Module:
Land of coder is one of the talented team which are building Best Magento2 Extensions among other Custom Magento Developers in creating functionalities for online shopping platform over magento open source. Magento2 Order Status also built by this great team in order to allow the customers track orders by using their e-mail id and order number even without logged into their account. By integrating this order tracking extension which leads to provide great customer experience and increase their loyalty towards your stores.


· Track order status without signing in.

· Put track order widget anywhere in site.

· Easy to know the status about order.

· Simple backend configurations.

· Make reorders also possible.

· Responsive for all devices.

· Multi languages supported.

10. Meetanshi — Magento2 Order Tracking Extension:
Meetanshi provides Magento2 Order tracking Module for customers to track their orders by using order tracking link which was sent along with order confirmation mail for checking their order status by entering their Order id and e-mail Id without logged into their account on Magento2 Marketplace. In backend of magento online store, admin can able to easily setup and configure this module without much technical knowledge.


· Track orders easily by using order id and e-mail.

· No needed to log in when track orders.

· Send order tracking link along with order confirmation mail.

· Easy to set up and configure the module.

· Set order tracking link in top section.

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